The Natural Classroom

Nature provides natural learning experiences.

Children are inherently curious about the world around them. And, at E.C.L.C. we believe in fostering this enthusiasm by finding the teachable moments in our natural surroundings – whether it is the pride in watching a seed a child has planted transform into a flower or watching the Mourning Cloak Caterpillars, which we are privileged to be home to each year, go through metamorphosis.

In today’s hi-tech, connected world we want kids to know fun isn’t just about toys, video games, tablets, and TV. It is also exploring nature – being in it. Our goal is to instill a love of discovery and an appreciation for our surroundings and what nature provides us on a daily basis.

We have three areas devoted to this concept of natural learning:

  • Our chicken coop is home to hens we have raised. The children feed, pet and care for them daily
  • Our garden boxes are ever-changing depending on the season or students’ interests. By planting, watering, and tasting the vegetables we grow, children take ownership and pride in their work
  • Our ever-evolving Nature Station gives the children an opportunity for hands-on exploration. We’ve had a bird sanctuary, butterfly life-cycle learning and a variety of visitors including a beekeeper and giant tortoise.

*Meets Fullerton School District standards for Life Cycle Learning.

Chicken Co0p

Garden Boxes

Nature Station