Educating the Whole Child

At E.C.L.C we apply a “whole child” learning approach that encompasses the areas of social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.  In addition to meeting today’s standards for school readiness, we  use developmentally appropriate, hands-on, playful learning experiences to develop language and motor skills, foster confidence and independent thinking, and  teach students to be respectful, empathic and think of others around them.

“The knowledge that forms the foundation for reading and writing is built throughout early childhood through play, language, and literary experiences.” – Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell

Enriched Through Diversity

Diversity is a cornerstone of our school, whether it comes from the teachers, children or curriculum.

Led by the belief that there isn’t one philosophy that is right – that no one philosophy is better – our curriculum incorporates ideas from Montessori, Reggio, DAP and High-Scope, among others, to create a teaching style that underscores the importance of building foundational skills; develops curiosity, problem solving and social competency; and prepares students for lifelong learning.

While Jewish values and traditions remain at the core of E.C.L.C. – teaching the importance of tzedakah (daily good deed and kindness to one another), welcoming Shabbat each Friday and celebrating cultural traditions and holidays throughout the year – we believe that learning is enriched through multi-cultural experiences.  Our school is open to all religions, and the diverse cultural backgrounds of the school’s families and staff are celebrated and interwoven into our daily activities.

Providing Individualized Attention

E.C.L.C. is committed to small class sizes. Our low child-to-teacher ratio enables us to create an individualized approach towards every parent and child.  Communication is key, and the daily, informal interactions between parents and teachers helps to foster the sharing of valuable information.

Community.  Family.

At E.C.L.C., we are more than a school, and we are proud of the community that has been created here.  Parents, grandparents, teachers, staff, and alumni actively come together with the common goal of helping our children grow into capable, confident and compassionate individuals.

We offer many opportunities for parent involvement throughout the year, and parents (and grandparents) are welcome to observe any time.